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90 degree hybrid couplers : Nortec RF offers a wide range of 90 degree hybrid couplers in the frequency range 0.25-2.5 GHz and power up to 500 Watt. Both SMA and N connectorized hybrid couplers are available. 90 degree hybrid couplers can be used as power dividers or combiners. Our hybrid couplers are used in wireless, GPS, LTE, WiFi and satellite communications commercial and non-commercial applications.

Nortec RF offers both low power and high power 90 degree hybrid coupler designs with CW power from 100 Watt to 500 Watt. Nortec RF offers compact, low insertion loss and high isolation designs.

Custom models and designs at different frequency and alternate RF connectors are also available.

                 medium power 90 degree hybrid couplers

                 high power 90 degree hybrid couplers