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Nortec RF provides a wide range of RF and microwave filters, both low pass, LPF, and band pass BPF filters RF. Both filter types are carried in lumped, LC, or distributed, microstrip, configurations. The microwave filters offered by Nortec are in the frequency range 200 kHz and up to 2.2 GHz. Most of the RF filters can handle up to 5 W of CW power. All the hairpin/distributed filter designs can handle up to 20 W of continuous power.

The designs offer very low insertion loss, < 1 dB in most cases, in the pass band, and high rejection in the stop bands. In addition, the microwave filters offer very good return loss. All the RF filters use SMA (F) connector for the input and output ports.

Please call for quick custom designs and prototypes.

                 low pass filters

                 band pass filters