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We provide high power RF combiners and dividers, 2-way to 8-way, frequency up to 2.2 GHz, and RF power up to 2000 Watt. Nortec high combiners are provided with N and SMA RF connectors.
The high power designs cover telecommunications, commercial and non-commercial applications. Most of our combiner products are the Wilkinson topology. Nortec RF also offers high power combiners/dividers at ISM frequencies, 13.56 MHz, 27.12 MHz, 40.68 MHz, 60 MHz, 80.36 MHz, and 128 MHz covering semiconductors, laser, solar and MRI medical imaging applications. Nortec designs vary from narrow band to broadband multi octave bandwidth. We guarantee our rf products to exceed our customer's expectations in power rating and reliability.
Most of the combiner models can operate can withstand significant phase and power mismatch at the input ports of the combiners. The designs offer low insertion loss, high port-to-port isolation and excellent phase and magnitude balance.
Custom designs and custom connectors, BNC, and DIN 7/16 are also available upon request.

                 medium power RF dividers and RF combiners

                 high power RF dividers and RF combiners