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High Power Directional Couplers : Nortec RF offers both uni and dual high power directional couplers with 250 Watts CW power handling and 10-40 dB coupling. These high power directional couplers cover 0.35 - 2.0 GHz and power up to 250 W, with both SMA and N RF connectors.

Our RF directional coupler products are either, uni directional, where the forward or reverse signals can be sampled, or dual directional, where both incident and reverse signals can be sampled simultaneously.

Nortec RF couplers are used in wireless, Wimax, LTE, GPS, satellite communications and other commercial applications and non-commercial applciations.

Nortec RF designs offer compact, low insertion loss, < 0.15 dB in most cases, and high directivity cost effective solution. All the designs use stripline topology.

Our high power directional coupler models offer 10 to 40dB coupling. All the models can have N or SMA female connectors at all ports. All models can be available with N, SMA, and BNC or mixed connectors. Custom coupling and designs are also available upon request.


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