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Nortec RF provides a wide range of high gain, and medium gain general purpose amplifiers. These amplifiers can be used as driver sections to drive higher power amplifiers. The amplifiers offered by Nortec range in frequency from 60 MHz to 500 MHz and power levels up to 10 W, or 40 dBm.

All the amplifiers provide protection against over DC supply voltage, and over current. The amplifier will shut down if the DC voltage exceeds the rated DC supply voltage. In case of over current, the amplifier will fold back in output power to limit the DC current drawn by the amplifier.

For units without a heat sink please include "-0" as a last digit for the part number. Please make sure to use your own heat sink or other means of cooling in this case.

Please check our web site regularly as we keep updating our products.

High Gain
Medium Gain